Aegon Hungary Voluntary Pension Fund


With over 178 thousand members and assets exceeding HUF 160 billion, Aegon Voluntary Pension Fund is one of the leading funds in Hungary.


It is backed up financially and professionally by Aegon Group, one of the largest life and pension insurers of the world.

The voluntary fund system is not part of the obligatory social security system. You can pay membership fee to the voluntary fund account from your net salary, with a frequency and in an amount matching your own needs. This form of saving provides an optimal solution to those who aim to ensure long-term pension savings and conscious self-care.



Why Aegon VPF? »

Supplement your pension fund savings from your deducted personal income tax!

One of the great benefits of your voluntary fund savings is that you are entitled to a refund of 20% from your personal income tax; i.e. the state will increase the savings on your fund account by this amount. According to the laws in effect, the upper limit of the tax-refund is HUF 150,000 if you don’t request any tax-refund, based on your health fund payments in the given tax year. If the individual requests tax-refund in his/her voluntary fund, pension pre-saving account and pension insurance statement, then the total refund may not exceed HUF 280,000. The refund is not limited by income!


Would you like to obtain the long-term commitment of your co-workers?


What are the benefits of AEGON Voluntary Pension Fund?

  • You are entitled to a tax refund of 20% on your individual payments.
  • Yields generated on your voluntary fund account are tax-free, thus there is no interest tax on them either.
  • You can designate beneficiaries for the assets accumulated on your voluntary pension fund account, that way you can support not only yourself, but also your loved ones.



What kinds of investment portfolios are available?

Offering five types of investment portfolios, our system is designed to ensure that customers may choose the investment mix that matches their age and risk propensity the best. You can switch between the portfolios at any time, depending on the changes of the market.


You can find more information about the available portfolios and the costs and risks of switching in our brochure. Investment portfolios in the AEGON Voluntary Pension Fund >>



Pension funds’ yields beyond inflation rate


How can you contact us?

Via telephone or the online customer service you can check your current account balance at any time, change your personal data and perform other transactions from the comfort of your home. Please register if you want to use our online customer service.


Should you have questions or remarks, please contact your personal advisor or our staff at:

  • Address: AEGON Magyarország Pénztárszolgáltató Zrt. 1399 Budapest P.O. Box 717
  • Telephone number: +36 1 477 4890
    Our colleagues are at your kind disposal with your questions from Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00, on Thursdays on 8:00-20:00.
  • Customer and sales office


Statute of AEGON Magyarország Önkéntes Nyugdíjpénztár (AEGON Hungary Voluntary Pension Fund) Consolidated version incorporating amendments (Adopted by the General Meeting of Delegates at its session of 18.05. 2017.)


You can find the voluntary pension fund entry form by clicking the link. The Hungarian-English form is only for information purposes. For entry, the Hungarian form must be used!